Key Family Finding Strategy: Knowing the Complete Name

Key Family Finding Strategy: Knowing the Complete Name

Hi. This is Richard Villasana, the Mexico Guru. Today I’ll be talking about doing family finding for relatives living in Mexico. One of the most fundamental and critical pieces of information you must have to begin to identify a relative is the person’s name. Now as simple as this sounds, we spend more time educating people including genealogists about Spanish names than any other area of family finding. So whether you’re a family finding specialist or a genealogist, your first goal is to have the complete name of the person you’re looking for.

So as an example let’s get the complete name for this person. Now this person’s first name is Mario, but we want to have Mario’s complete name. In Mexico, people have two last names, also called surnames. The first surname in Spanish is the last name of the father. In this case, Mario’s father’s surname is Garcia. The second surname for Mario will be his mother’s last name. So Mario’s second last name is Gomez. Now by putting the first name together with these two surnames, you have Mario’s complete name, Mario Garcia Gomez. Remember ‐ it’s vital to have the complete name. If you just use Mario Garcia, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of wasted time and it’s very likely you’ll never find Mario or his family. You must have the complete name for successful family finding.

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Richard Villasana is CEO of Find Families In Mexico. The company offers a highly specialized family finding service that identifies and locates families living in Mexico. Richard and his team have guided more than 4,100 clients including the State of Oregon, Dept. of Human Services, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense, the Ninth Circuit Court, private foster care agencies and adoption attorneys to identify and find biological parents and extended family members in Mexico.

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